Marine Protected Areas

Marine Protected Areas Hakkında

These areas are established in order to protect marine species and ecosystems. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) can be open to sustainable resource use, closed to certain activities (such as drag net fishing, trawling, diving, etc.) or completely closed to all activity. These areas are representative of healthy marine ecosystems. Under efficient management, MPA’s can support local economies and preserve local natural and cultural heritage for future generations.

One of the aims of the 2020 World Biodiversity Agreement, that Turkey is also a signatory of, is for “countries with coastlines to designate 10% of significant habitats within their marine areas to be Marine Protected Areas, and at least 2% of these areas to be managed and preserved as areas closed to all fishing activity.” This goal is yet to be attained, however, as of 2020 there are 125 Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean. The total area of these sectors increased to 4.56% in 2012, 6.81% in 2016, and 8.3% in 2020. Mediterranean countries are engaged in efforts to increase the number of MPAs, though only 1.273% of MPAs in the Mediterranean have efficient protective mechanisms.

“Marine Protected Area” is not a legally-binding protective status in Turkey; instead, all protected areas with shorelines or sea boundaries are included in this category and protected by national conservation statutes and international agreements of which Turkey is a signee.

Benefits of Marine Protected Areas

Protects marine life

Supports local economies

Protects fish stocks

Seagrass is a natural solution to combat climate change

Seagrass controls levels of shoreline erosion

Shores are naturally purified

Offers alternative avenues to mass tourism, thanks to historic, cultural, and natural heritage

Conservation of marine heritage guarantees the future of tourism

Abundant nature, clean seas and shores contribute to local tourism

Ensures access to safe foods

Preserves local cultures and traditional ways of life

Precautions are taken for healthy auditing and management.

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